Silk pillowcase used by celebrities

Victoria Beckham, celebrities using silk anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle pillowcases

The benefits of the silk pillowcase It is still quite new in UAE, however, across the Atlantic, the silk pillowcase has proven itself and the benefits are well established.

Many people swear by it, to spend nights where hair and skin will be respected. The influencers are full of praise for it and never stop praising its merits. And yes, because the silk pillowcase is THE must-have for your hair and your skin! No more stress of going to bed with beautiful, well-hydrated hair, and waking up with dry, broken hair that has lost its shape!

The silk pillowcase has several properties, and when you know them, you too will not be able to do without it.

Just like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Victoria Beckham or Cindy Crawford, make her your new cuddly toy for sweet nights!

The silk pillowcase, unlike the cotton one, slips: when it slips, it does not rub. And the absence of friction then makes it possible not to break your curls or undulations. But beyond the shape of the hair preserved, it is anti-breakage and anti-hair loss for your hair!

No more nocturnal hair loss, our mulberry silk pillowcase, with a 100% natural fiber will preserve them.

Ditto for the skin: no unpleasant friction and therefore no irritation. In addition, silk is a material that does not absorb (unlike cotton). Your hair will therefore not be dry when you wake up, and will retain all their hydration overnight. Silk will also not absorb any cream you apply before sleeping.

Finally, hypoallergenic and antibacterial, silk pillowcase is really perfect for people suffering from various allergies. Free of undesirable substances and labeled Okeo Tex Standard 100, trust us with your eyes closed (on our pillowcase, of course;))

You will have understood it, for hair that shines with beauty, vigorous, revitalized, hydrated and healthy, our silk pillowcase is a must have in bed! Trying it is really adopting it! 

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