Silk Care Instruction

The delicate fiber of your silk pillowcases can be machine washed, but only with great care, it is very important to use the most delicate program possible on your machine to preserve your silk pillowcase. Before inserting your silk pillowcase into the washing machine, it is recommended that you use a laundry bag to protect it. A setting on the wool or delicate cycle is strongly recommended to avoid damaging the silk pillowcase. 


In order to preserve your silk pillowcase, the water temperature should not exceed 30°. Silk pillowcases are very sensitive to heat and can deteriorate if the water temperature is not properly adjusted. Therefore, check your washing program carefully, as some gentle programs are set to 40°. 


That said, if you are apprehensive, or if you don't have a washing machine with the delicate or wool cycle option: you can always wash your silk pillowcase by hand. Hand washing will give your silk pillowcase a longer life than machine washing. However, avoid wringing, rubbing, or soaking your silk for more than an hour. Rinse with lukewarm water containing a few drops of spirit vinegar. 


Regarding the detergent to use, it is recommended to use a silk detergent that does not contain bleach or dyes, or a special liquid detergent for delicate textiles with a neutral pH so as not to damage the silk. However, you should never wash the silk pillowcase with a washing powder, and the use of bleach is strictly forbidden.



After washing, you should lay your silk pillowcase flat on a dry towel or hang it on a drying rack or line without a clothes peg to dry. However, it is not advisable to dry silk in the tumble dryer, despite certain tolerances on the gentle program. Your silk will quickly dry flat, it will only take one or two hours maximum, and the tumble dryer will only damage your silk pillowcase. It is also forbidden to dry your pillowcase in the sun or on a radiator to make it dry faster, as this will destroy the silk. 



You can iron your silk pillowcase, taking a few precautions to preserve the silk: you should never use a steam iron, iron at a low temperature starting from the reverse side without prolonged pressure on the seams and if possible while the silk is still wet to avoid damaging it. Finally, if necessary, finish with a quick and light ironing on the inside.